We (Shea and Raan) started Apolis well over a decade ago with the goal of using business as a force for good, providing people with high-quality, well-designed products they enjoy, while also genuinely benefiting the artisans behind those products.

Nothing embodies that goal more than the customizable Apolis Market Bag. So it's a real pleasure to share this fun new animated video (watch above; ~60 seconds) which depicts the globe-trotting journey every market bag undertakes — from where you live, to a co-op in Bangladesh, to Apolis HQ in Los Angeles, and finally to your doorstep!

These durable and reusable bags have proven to be our best-selling products — and every bag purchased helps provide Fair-Trade-certified wages, annual profit dividends, and a retirement fund for the Bangladeshi mothers who craft these bags. This is a tangible way to help a community, and it’s an endeavor that you’re a part of too, because every purchase of an Apolis market bag helps break a cycle of poverty within a community. We think that this model is the future of accountability for garment and textile production.

Plus, you can customize your bag with a memorable phrase or a shout-out to your favorite neighborhood — whatever you want!

We hope you enjoy the video — and we'd love to see the everyday adventures you take your market bag on. Tag us on pictures of your daily journeys on Instagram @apolis!

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